Mess-Industrie & Leistungselektronik

Who is Miltronik?

Your partner for technically intelligent electronic solutions.

Miltronik has been developing and producing customised electronic control units and control panels for special vehicles, pumps, special machines and sensors since 1986. Our project focuses include intelligent displays with control functions, drive controls, central electrical systems and CAN bus communication. In addition to consulting and development of hardware and software, Miltronik supplies you with assembled printed circuit boards and systems. We manufacture prototypes, pre-series and small series of 50 to 30,000 units per year in our production facility. Our quality control checks every printed circuit board and assembly several times using different procedures.

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High flexibility with the highest quality

Developing and producing high-quality products has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy since the company was founded. Many technically skilled employees and engineers, including those in management, are carrying this idea into the future. The technical understanding of the devices to be produced provides the basis for being able to manufacture them in high quality.

As a service provider for customised electronics, Miltronik is customer-oriented and thrives on customer satisfaction and the quality of the products supplied. With this focus, processes are implemented via the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, which break these down into the individual production departments and enable a high standard of quality.

Family business in the second generation

The Kimmerle and Bücker families have been part of Miltronik’s management team since the company was founded. With the development from a small business to an established medium-sized company with continuous growth, the essential values of a family business have been maintained and lived. Many employees have characterised Miltronik for many years and are motivated to go along with new changes. At our company, everyone knows everyone and we cultivate a “you” culture with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. For us, healthy co-operation and a good working atmosphere are basic prerequisites for good work performance. Our Miltronik team enjoys flexible working hours, a secure job, punctual salary payments, quarterly company events and much more.

Successors from both families have been found for Miltronik and the company has been set up with a view to the future. Years of experience plus many new ideas, modern concepts paired with the company principles and the energy to make a difference make Miltronik a company fit for the future.

Values and mentality

Our philosophy aims to create a technically and economically optimised product that offers exactly what is technically necessary without overdeveloping what is technically feasible. We focus on the highest quality and precision to ensure that each product meets the needs of our customers while remaining economically viable (series costs). Our products are proof of the harmonious balance between technical efficiency and economy.

With this basis, our goal is to be “One of the most effective electronics developers and manufacturers”. The optimum producibility of the product is kept in mind as early as the development stage and new innovations are continuously implemented in production with the support of our development department. Miltronik maintains an optimised production structure tailored to individuality and quantity structure with motivated employees who feel comfortable, are willing to perform and, thanks to their commitment to the company, want to get involved and contribute.

Our customers are drivers of innovation and often market leaders in their sectors and stand out from the rest of the market with customised, innovative and technically complex products. Standard products are often technically unsuitable for these applications or uneconomical due to the number of components. Since Miltronik does not have to sell its own product, we can realise the customer’s application according to his wishes on an equal footing. That is why it is Miltronik’s principle to serve one customer from one industry and not to sell to the competition.

Miltronikour supplier with a system approach. Everything from a single source

Our location

Miltronik is firmly anchored in the region and many employees and customers come from the neighbourhood. We carry this solidarity into the future and plan the future in Hilden.

A journey through our company history

Founded with 2 employees in Hilden, Düsseldorfer Str.

  • 01.04.1986

Move to Max-Volmer Str. 27 in Hilden

  • 1991

Expansion of THT production

  • 2002

Expansion of SMD production

  • 2015

Relocation of administration to Max-Volmer Str. 29

  • 2015

Attachment of a shuttle warehouse

  • 2015

Entry David Kimmerle

  • 2018

Entry Stephan Bücker

  • 2020

Relocation of the development department to Max-Volmer Str. 29 1st floor

  • 2022

Expansion of the coating department

  • 2022

Relocation of management to Max-Volmer Str. 29 2nd floor

  • 2024

High-bay warehouse extension

  • 2024

” We focus on you as our customer right from the start! Miltronik specialises in realising individual requirements in a unique, high-quality design concept. Our customers stand out from the rest of the market with their customised products. ”

Dr H.- G. Kimmerle

CEO/ Founder

” We support you in the creation of requirements, development and production of prototypes and small series We work closely and agilely with you according to the latest quality standards. Short response times and delivery routes are our quality promise. ”

D. Kimmerle

CEO/ Techn. Manager

Customer satisfaction

"Kundenzufriedenheit ist unser oberstes Ziel. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations and provide you with an outstanding experience."


"An uncomplicated, free enquiry with prompt feedback"?


For more than 35 years, we at Miltronik have been producing electronic control systems for special vehicles and mechanical engineering.