Shaping the future

The individuality and quantity structure of our products place high demands on our corporate structures, which drive us to all kinds of innovations within the company. The focus is on production, IT security and digitalisation.


Thanks to our in-house test equipment construction with workshop and development, we have a deep insight into many production processes and techniques. The production process for new products is always evaluated on the basis of the latest possibilities. New types of test systems or auxiliary systems are integrated into the existing process and, if necessary, an adapter control system with a programme is created to implement this. 3D printing is particularly useful for the construction of test equipment and assembly aids. This allows new ideas to be verified in production at short notice.

Many manual tasks can be easily standardised and automated despite small quantities and a high degree of individuality. With this in mind, we are increasingly focussing on flexible and programmable cobot systems with state-of-the-art technology to automate many recurring tasks.


As the biggest step in the digital transformation, Miltronik successfully introduced a new ERP system in 2022. This system is the centrepiece and basis of our processes and offers the possibility to adapt and automate processes. We can make adjustments ourselves and thus drive our internal change. The connection of interfaces such as EDI and API will cover and accelerate some current processes in the future. Furthermore, internal programmes and analogue processes will be covered by the system in future.

IT security

In an increasingly digitalised world characterised by constantly growing cyber threats, ensuring IT security is becoming indispensable.
The frequency and intensity of cyber attacks are constantly increasing, and companies are thus exposed to a constant threat.

In this dynamic and high-risk environment, the security of our IT infrastructure is always our top priority.

Our approaches

“The machine must be running” gets  a new meaning for us as a company and our products. We have to limit the possibilities of manipulating machines and attacking systems with our software and possibilities in the concept.” 

Dr H.- G. Kimmerle

CEO/ Founder

“The risk of production downtime due to a hacker attack is now greater than ever. We at Miltronik have been working continuously for many years on state-of-the-art protection. ”

D. Kimmerle

CEO/ Techn. Manager