Environment and sustainability

Our commitment to the environment

Conserving resources has been our focus since the company was founded !

Electronics customised to the application only require the necessary resources. No over-engineering or waste of resources due to the use of standard products. Furthermore, many of our devices serve to improve overall systems. Reduction in the number of components through customisation.

Important principles

Electricity reduction

As a production company, our biggest environmental impact factor is our electricity consumption. We endeavour to further reduce this through continuous investment by:

We are gradually converting our fleet to electric vehicles, which can be charged on our premises with 100% solar power when the sun is shining.

CO2 emissions/greenhouse gases/hazardous substances

In particular, the use of certain hazardous substances (including greenhouse gases) is continuously scrutinised with our development department and we work with our customers and suppliers to use more climate-neutral materials. With years of technical experience, the changes in such materials can be assessed very well and validated in test laboratories. Our carbon footprint is calculated annually and measures to reduce it are derived from this. Our location is well connected by bus, train and bicycle, so more than half of our employees commute this way.

Ecovadis and environmental certification

We are currently working on environmental certification in accordance with ISO so that the environmental concept can be further integrated into the company at process level. We currently maintain the Ecovadis platform, where we are re-evaluated annually according to the criteria of environment, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Waste reduction

We are in continuous dialogue with our customers to reduce waste. We often use returnable packaging with compartments, where the products are well protected and no waste is produced. Due to customer framework agreements, we can summarise orders and receive collective deliveries from our suppliers.