High flexibility with the highest quality

Developing and producing high-quality products has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy since the company was founded. Many technically skilled employees and engineers, including in the 2nd generation of management, carry this idea into the future. The technical understanding of the devices to be produced provides the basis for being able to manufacture them in high quality.

The main components of our weekly evaluation are current production issues, rework times and reasons, complaints received, which are analysed and evaluated using defined processes. For external complaints and larger internal problems, we use 8D reports and other processes to quickly get to the bottom of these causes and provide prompt feedback. There we approach our customers very transparently with interim results of an investigation. An initial assessment is carried out promptly by our development department to limit the impact for the end customer (individual case, handling of devices in the field, production stop). Here, our customers benefit from direct and consistent contact persons from the individual departments.

These broken-down key figures are filtered into different time intervals and re-evaluated in order to identify additional long-term optimisation potential and the effects on overarching customer satisfaction.

Miltronik has over 30 active customers with many different assemblies and 20 of these have long-term customer relationships of over 10 years and more, which are being continuously expanded. All of our customers with supplier ratings (75% of our customers) rate us as a Premium Quality Supplier = A-supplier for contracts, customer service, pricing, logistics and quality, which makes us as Miltronik very proud and drives us forward.

Certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 with KBA

Certificate for authorisation-relevant requirements of road traffic law